Thursday, July 10, 2014

Summertime Stuffed Squash

It's kinda funny that my food posts have become TV show rants, but please.. have you guys seen One Tree Hill? Yes yes, again i'm behind the 8 ball here, but this show is like a fishing hook and I am the trout on the other end. I just made it, I think about 100 episodes in... it's been maybe a week? Yeah, I know. Couch potato to the extreme-o! But i've swapped the couch potato junk food for these squash boats! You really have to try them, they're about as addicting as this show.

Now, I can't seem to figure out... will Serena stay with Dan? I just made it to the part where they've broken up for the second time. I'm sort of frustrated because it's this cat and mouse game with them and it's like.. dude! Just get together here...this is sort of annoying but awesome all at the same time.

But on the other end of summer, i'm now working over 50 hours a week (didn't even know there were that many hours in a week) just to make rent and save up money to visit my bestie in London. So with all that time at work, studying for my GRE/MCAT and watching OTH I really need quick recipes that will hold in the fridge. Whole foods had these beautiful yellow squash the other day for sale and I instantly wanted to stuff them with just about everything! I tried a couple renditions and they were all pretty good but the one below was definitely the best. I've already made it 4 times since and it's been killer every time. I think the pesto really take it up a notch!

4 Summer Squash (yellow ones), seeded and cut in half
Sea salt & Black pepper
2 tbs. Pesto
1/2 c. Cherry Tomatoes (I like the different colored ones)
1/2 c. Red Onion, sliced
Sprigs of fresh basil
1/4 c. Sun dried Tomatoes

Preheat oven to 325 deg F. Cut squash in half and scoop seeds out with the back of a spoon.  Sprinkle halves with salt and pepper and bake in aluminum-lined baking dish cut side up for 25 minutes. Squash should be very tender but still hold their form. Spoon in 1/4 tbs. Pesto into each side. Load in cut cherry tomatoes, red onion, sliced basil and chopped sun dried tomatoes. Place back in oven on a low broiler setting for 10 minutes. 


Bear in mind that this is a highly individualized recipe! You can basically fill it with whatever you want! Some renditions i've tried before are:
— spinach, goat cheese and artichoke hearts
— ground turkey, roasted red pepper spread, black olives
— ground beef/seitan, cumin, bell peppers and onions (saute them before) 

What would YOU put in your boats? 

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