Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Food Chemistry: Topic Outline

       Being a clinical nutrition student in my last year (well almost!) i've had a chance to reflect back on the many classes i've taken both in my major and outside. It's amazing the breathe of classes i've been able to take thus far, everywhere from organic chemistry, cultural anthropology, a lab focused on baking/cooking to a food chemistry lab dedicated to answering questions like... Why?
       So, not only did I have to sign-up for this class (my major requirements), I was slightly skeptical. How could there be a class to answer 'why?' Why what? What will we be studying? Am I going to spend 10 weeks going... why did I take this class?
Within the first 10 minutes of this class, boom, I figured it out. I didn't need to wait 10 weeks to fall in love with this class, it took only 10 minutes. The professor started the quarter off by telling us what we're going to be doing... what exactly this "why" question was. 
  • What do we eat?
  • Why do we eat it?
  • How would you change what we all decide to eat?
Woah... hefty, I know! The questions above are going to guide our journey throughout food chemistry these next couple of weeks and I wanted to fill in my beloved readers on all the things that I am learning in this class, because... well it's important! Not just to a clinical nutrition major, or a food chemist, but to the average cooker or Paleo-enthusiast i.e., Make With Your Hands readers! I know what some of you are thinking, what's the point in this? Well, don't you guys want to know why we chose to eat the foods we eat and the different components that make up our foods? Yes- you do!
So that's all for now, an overarching review of what is in store for my awesome viewers for the next 10 weeks. 


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