Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Whole30 "What I put on my plate" Day 24

DAY 24 everybody! Less than a week left- but this has been awesome so far. I'm already seeing new records at the gym and tiger blood running ALL day instead of just small peak hours in the afternoon. Hope everyone's really starting to feel good now. 

Meal 1:  I had some 2 eggs with about 5 baby bell mushrooms with onions and red bell peppers. I cooked it all in coconut oil so that was my 'fat' component.  

Meal 2:  I headed over to Whole Foods for lunch today. I got some roasted veggies (bell peppers, squash, zucchini, onions, eggplant) with some shredded chicken breast. I also had a small kale/avocado salad (made at Whole Foods). It was very very yummy!

Photo copied from The California Aggie: Aggie Eats Blog
Snack: I made Spicy Kale Chips! Recipe Here: Aggie Eats
Meal 3:  I had the remaining portion of my lunch (it was too much for just one meal) and some GT's Kombucha. This one is really tasty! I definitely can't drink it all in one sitting. I drink ~ 4 oz each day (when I have it in the house). One can goes for about 3 days. 

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