Sunday, January 27, 2013

Whole30 Weekend #3

Literally, I should start and end this post with: "TIGER BLOOD" because It. Is. Awesome.
I never knew I had this much energy inside me. Usually, if I wanted to get a lot of work done... my Keurig was on full blast. That poor machine... only being used for hot water in the mornings now. Those of you following me know I decided to add "caffeine" to my Whole30 ban list. It's been GREAT so far. Definitely, rough at the beginning, but it's so much better now. One of my close friends found out that I haven't had coffee in 20 days and was perplexed, to say the least. She thought i'd be DEAD by now (that's how addict I was people) but no, I'm alive and running around like a little energizer bunny. 
Hope everyone had a great weekend, cheers to another great week full of yummy food choices!
Meal 1: eggs with spinach and red peppers in ghee. With a side of cherry tomatoes and half an avocado.

Meal 2: WHole foods: Roasted veggies with shredded chicken, cherry tomatoes and a hard boiled egg. I also drank a cup of tea.
Meal 3: Left over spaghetti squash from yesterday recipe here . With a side of steamed broccoli (not pictured).
Post work-out: roasted butternut squash with 2 eggs.

Meal 1: bell pepper eggs with half an avocado and jasmine green tea.

Meal 2: squash sticks sautéed in coconut oil with ground turkey pasta sauce. With 1 cucumber on the side. I also drank 4oz. Of kombucha after lunch. Can't get myself to drink it with lunch for some reason. (NO PHOTO)

Snack: I unfortunately snacked on WAAAAY to many spoons of Coconut manna. So much so- I have a tummy ache. I decided to skip dinner I was so full and literally so sick. Although coconut manna is delicious and totally whole30, please eat in moderation. Learn from me.. Do as I say, not as I do! I'm gonna go work-out this sickness... and watch the new episode of REVENGE :)

Post work-out: Baked sweet potato fries and 1 hard boiled egg. Cup of green tea and off to bed for me! 

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