Monday, January 7, 2013

Whole30 Start-up

Today, I embark on New Year's resolution #2-Whole30 Challenge. It will be just that, a challenge, but while I read review upon review it seems well worth it! I hope that some of you will join me in this! There are so many doing this around the world in January, that the support system in place this month is HUGE!
Here are some links to read about the program!
This program was started by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig and has expanded exponentially! I'm excited to join the whole30 family! I'll be posting "recipes" soon, as I get more acclimated to the Whole30 rules. But for the first couple of days, refer to my Facebook Page for daily updates on how the program is going! 
I'm excited to transition into  "What I ate today" posts instead of just recipes! I hope you will bear with me as I am going back to school today so the posts will be less "fancy" but will still have some good Whole30 content! 
I'm excited for this journey! If you need more support in this program, we're here for you at Make With Your Hands but so is the Whole9 (founders of Whole30). You can look for daily motivation on their blog here: . January is their biggest month of whole30! They've been expanding and hoping that more and more people will try the whole30 in January. The best part is, its called the Whole30 for a reason, it's not called the "whole month" so you can start at any time and go for 30 days. I will be starting today: January 7, 2013, finishing on February 7, 2013. 


Who's with me?!


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