Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Whole30 "What I put on my plate" Day 3

Day 3 everybody and it was a long one! Started class very very early this morning and wasn't able to come back to my apartment for lunch until 2pm. This schedule is making me crazy! I need to plan better on Wednesdays, good thing tomorrow is a new day. I also made, soo much curry tonight that I will have plenty green curry and cauli-rice for lunch tomorrow. Actually, it's all packed and ready to go... how's that for being prepared!
Meal 1: 3 eggs, spinach and bell pepper scramble in coconut oil. With a large cup of water!

Snack: 2 celery sticks and 2 tbs. avocado wasabi (recipe this weekend I promise!)
Meal 2: Tuna (in water), 2 hard boiled eggs, a handful of cherry tomatoes, left over balsamic Brussel sprouts from last night (like 5 of them really...) on a full head of romane lettuce. I made my "tuna salad" with a whole can of tuna, one chopped up hardboiled egg, some black pepper, 1tbs. Olive oil and juice of half a lemon. I then topped my salad veggies with this mixture, and layered another egg on top.
I know this sounds like a lot of protein, but I to really hungry leading up to lunch so I decided to up my protein a little/ meal to see if that helps.
Snack: 4 raw macadamia nuts (I was compensating for my lack of fat in lunch :))
Meal 3: tried my hand at whole30 green curry! Inside was a whole yellow onion, bell peppers, shrimp and about a handful and a half of spinach! Ate with cauli-rice!
Snack: no physical snack, kitchen is CLOSED! But I did have some Numi Rooibos chai tonight and more water! I would still like to say that I am caffeine free again! The tea is caffeine-free and compliant with whole30. There is no sneaky soy in this one!
Hope everyone's doing well on their whole30! Now off to some studying... Can't I just recipe plan some more?? :(

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