Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Whole30 "What I put on my plate" Day 23

Hope everyone has been doing well! Exactly 1 week left. Who's sad to see the Whole30 be finished. I AM! Wait- did I just say that out loud? 
I'm actually sad the whole 30 is finishing. But the thing is '30' is just a number- I think i'm going to extend mine out. Yep, that sounds like a great plan. 

Meal 1: Yes- this is a picture repost. However, I ate the SAME thing so I decided to use the better picture. Sauteed bell peppers with 2 eggs. With a side of Cinnamon Butternut Squash (from last night) and half an avocado. I like big hearty breakfast meals to get me through to the rest of my day. Since I have to eat a really late lunch on tuesdays. 

Meal 2:  I had some left over hard boiled eggs from a post work out meal over the weekend so I needed to use them up quick. For lunch I had a small-ish lunch with about 2 c. squash sticks sauteed in EVOO. With a side of 2 hard boiled egg WHITES and a cup of guacamole.

Snack: For a snack I made Spicy Cocoa Cauliflower had about 5 pieces. (Recipe here: Spicy Cocoa Cauli-Poppers)
Meal 3: Yes- this is a picture repost, again. But I was soo hungry I ate my meal without the photo tonight. I made Green curry with prawns over cauli-rice. It's quick, easy and soooo tasty!

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