Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Whole 30 "What I put on my plate" Day 9

Can't believe it's the end of Day 9 already. I felt like I had a little more energy yesterday! But I don't have the "Tiger blood" yet. I must report, it is getting easier to go shopping and to cook up my meals. Whole30 is becoming second nature-I love it. I also must say... I am obsessed with sweet potato. Is that bad? I'm not really obsessed because it's sweet, I just have really missed the taste. I even skipped the delicious pecan yams from thanksgiving this year (willpower!). I have deeply missed those yams. I'll post my sweet potato hash recipe this weekend!
Meal 1: For breakfast I ate a sweet potato hash with a fried egg on top (recipe to come soon). Oh with a cup of Numi Rooibos Chai.
Snack: 5 cashews (that's all! I was mighty impressed with myself)
Meal 2: I ate a delicious spinach salad. About 2 cups of raw spinach with 4 cherry tomatoes. I added "tuna in olive oil" from TJ for some protein and topped it with my avocado wasabi (1 serving) and sprinkled some shredded unsweetened coconut on top! It was quite delicious if I may say so myself.
Meal 3: Apparently I was so hungry for dinner, I scarfed it down without even remembering to post a photo. Well- I ate some garlic rainbow chard (recipe soon) with 6 pieces of shrimp that were pan-fried in ghee with lemon juice. I also ate half an avocado and 3 macadamia nuts. 

Hope everyone is doing well on there Whole30's. What's been your favorite meal so far?

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