Thursday, January 10, 2013

Whole 30 "What I Put on my Plate" Day 4

Day 4 is over! WOO! Almost to the 1 week mark. I must say, i've been enjoying all the meals i've been eating. For one, this is the first time i've ever cooked with cabbage before and now i'm eating it in my favorite meal-Breakfast!
Meal times are great but I have to be honest with all of you, i've done a bit of cheating today. No, not with my food choices but with my habits! I really wanted to watch this episode of scandal, so I did during dinner (and after haha!) I also checked some emails during lunch! I hope to be better tomorrow!
Yesterday, I did some research on "caffeine withdraws" and found that lethargy (no motivation) and high emotions (or being really emotional) is a symptom of withdraw. Here I was thinking I just lost all my marbles this quarter. Turns out the very emotional evening study sessions are just caffeine withdraws-phew! 
Other than those evening set backs, i'm feeling good. Not super HIGH energy, but not super low energy either. I got a good cycling work out today which was nice. TGIF tomorrow right?! :)
Meal 1: 3 eggs with bell peppers, cabbage and cherry tomatoes sautéed in ghee.

Snack: about 6 macadamia nuts.
Meal 2: left over curry and cauli-rice from last night and a small salad. My salad was half a romane lettuce heart, half an avocado, hardboiled egg and some cherry tomatoes. No dressing, the avocado was creamy enough! (not pictured is my curry bowl, see what it looks like on Day3's post)

Snack: white raspberry tea from a local coffee shop! (No coffee today, are you impressed?) then I had a 1/4 c. Cauli-rice and 1/4 c. Curry. (Didn't eat the whole half at my lunch) These two snacks did not occur together I assure you.
Meal 3: Baked Brussel sprouts, Salmon (seasoned with ghee, minced garlic, jalapeño and black pepper) baked at 400 deg (F) for 25 min. Then I sautéed up 4 mushrooms with those squash and zucchini sticks I bought from wholefoods earlier. Those nicely packed sticks are sooo convenient! With a big cup of water! Honestly, I couldn't finish my whole dinner. I left about a 1/4 of the food on my plate! Well off to class (night classes are no fun!) we'll see if I can keep my hunger in check so I don't eat the rest later. UPDATE: I didn't eat the rest-Yaaay! I came home brushed my teeth, which psychologically prevents me from eating food, and sat to watch the latest episode of Scandal.

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