Friday, January 18, 2013

Whole 30 "What I put on my plate" Day 12

Day 12 is complete! Almost half-way there... it's getting to be kinda fun now! I've tried so many veggies already can't wait to keep experimenting.
Meal 1: A recipe I'm going to call "eggtastic veggie  pizza" (full recipe soon, for now...marvel at the photo. It truly looks delicious doesn't it?)
Meal 2: Squash and zucchini sticks with some cut up eggplant sautéed in coconut oil. Topped with pasta sauce. My protein was 2 eggs and 1 egg white scrambled. Crazy I know, eggs with pasta?? But trust me when I say it was DELICIOUS! And I didn't have time to defrost any other protein.

Snack: 3 small celery stalks, 1 whole romaine lettuce head with some coconut oil. Sounds weird right? But I was reading on the Whole30 website that sometimes when your hungry and want nuts (my usual go to snack) you should think "does vegetables with coconut oil sound good?". I think that's really to check if you're truly hungry or if you just want to have a little snack time (which you're avoiding on the whole30). So when I did that- I actually wanted the vegetable and coconut I did. :)

Meal 3: Left over green curry (with added eggplant chunks from this morning) from last night with cauli-rice!
Was very productive today so that was nice! I bought some of that throat & cold tea I mentioned yesterday- drank a cup and a half today. My throat symptoms are gone-hopefully for good! I'm headed home tomorrow morning. First "home trip" on the Whole30. My dad called to see what I can eat during the BBQ was a long and tiresome conversation. Basically, everything he suggested I responded with "nope", "I can't", "No dad, can't eat that either". We settled-I was going to cook for myself. YES! A food bloggers dream come true! It's Day 13 tomorrow (almost half way) I'm not about to lose all my hard work over a BBQ. I'm gonna spend the extra effort and cook myself something delicious. I'm thinking... Blackened Chicken wings... with sweet potato baked fries...maybe some steamed broccoli? 

Okay, no more food talk or i'll be dreaming about food all night-and we don't want that!

Have a good weekend! 

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