Saturday, January 26, 2013

Fried Egg with Paprika Sweet Potato Hash {Whole30}

Before the Whole30, I did more of a "Ketosis" style meal plan and stayed away from all starchy, sweet veggies. I don't think i've had a sweet potato in over a year. Boy, was I missing out! This veggie is so decadent and yummy. It's fairly sweet but not like those artificial sugars I use to use all the time. I've naturally seen recipe upon recipe on "sweet potato fries" and they are great! I made some sweet potato wedges once and ate some for breakfast but decided I needed another option. 
I kept reading about "hash" and how its common in a "hearty breakfast" that sounded great to me. Everyone loves potatoes yes? More specifically, hash browns? I thought about it... I don't really like that fried oily mess people call "vegetables". So I opted for a more healthy/Whole30 approved version. 


1 large garret sweet potato
1 tbs. virgin coconut oil
1 tbs. paprika
1/2 tbs. cayenne pepper

Directions:  Peel your sweet potato and cut into 1 in" slices. I made this hash a couple times. 

The first time I used a food processor that had a slicing blade and that went really fast. The next method I used was grating the potato into small shreds.  Both methods are useful one is just faster and the other one gives a different texture. The choice is yours.
After you slice your potato in your desired method and sautée in your coconut oil over medium high heat. Add in your paprika and cayenne until it's cooked well ~ 6 minutes. Top with a fried egg and sprinkle some more paprika on top.


  1. I'm sorry, what is the point of preheating the oven? I feel like I've read over this recipe a million times to see if I missed something...If I'm sauteeing the potato with olive oil over medium heat, what's up with the oven??? I'm excited to try this...

    1. Hi Katie,
      I apologize. That should not have been there. I blame it on my busy midterm season! So sorry, I've updated the recipe. Hope they turned out well! :)