Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Fall Monogram Craft!

It's been awhile since i've posted a craft on here. Today is the day we will change that! I needed to give my brain a little break from the intense study sessions that have come upon me due to midterms. Well this little 2 hour break was much deserved and so much fun! 
I went to Michaels yesterday because well, a girl can never have too many crafting supplies, right? And what did I find... these fabulous wooden letters ON SALE! Oh- a college crafters dream come true! So, I picked some up (couldn't resist the sale!) and went on a wild goose chase for some tissue paper that resembled "Fall colors". I settled on a light brown, red, orange and a dark green. I have tons and tons of mod-podge so no need to buy that again (although it was tempting!). Thrilled with my purchases I came home and got to work!
I've really been liking all these fun monograms i'm seeing around Pinterest (haha)! So I wanted to, naturally, add to the collection of Monograms.

Here's what you'll need:
Paint brush (or you can use your fingers!)
tissue paper in colors of choice
Wooden Letters (F, A, L, L)
Now, I decided to do "FALL" but you could use this method for any word or just single letter! A word to the wise- make sure to lay newspaper down before you start crafting! It will make for a much easier clean-up.

Another thing I found, it's a lot easier to shred bits of your tissue paper into piles before starting. I was really excited to get started, so I obviously didn't do that until half-way through! So this is an excellent case of do what I say not what I do. 

I was using my fingers, and they got sticky really fast which explains the lack of photos. But in case you've never used mod-podge before it works as a "sealant". I use to think of mod-podge like Elmer's glue but it's so much more! It glues your tissue paper down to the surface AND provides a gloss over the final product. So dont' worry about having large "white globs" of mod-podge, it dries clear and hardens. 

Just alternate between different colors of tissue paper-no need for perfection, it's homemade! 

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