Thursday, October 25, 2012

Egg Month #8 : Egg'zone"

We are almost to the end of our "October Egg Month" and are finishing off with a couple fantastic recipes! Then we're off to PUMPKIN PUMPKIN PUMPKIN... get ready!

Well, as I was trying to spur my creative juices I decided to turn on the TV. Guess what commercial came on? Pizza Hut P'zones (Calzones)! By definition Calzones are almost like turnovers-but pizza flavored! Sounds delicious right?? Calzones are Italian in origin but apparently street vendors have taken a huge liking to them lately! Well in case you have never seen one... they. are. HUGE. ENORMOUS. GIGANTIC! I can't come up with another word for what i'm trying to say. You will need to see one for yourself to really know! 
Although, some are filled with protein and veggies they are also wrapped in... you guessed it DOUGH! Dough is not bad, but the point in this blog is to provide healthier options. According to MyFitnessPal 1 full P'zone is around 900 calories! Wowza!! But they sure are tasty! 

(I am in no way, saying P'zones are bad or putting down Pizza Hut. To be honest- I love their thin crusts, my own guilty pleasure! I am merely stating the nutrition facts available on the internet).

With all disclaimers aside, lets start making a "Calzone" with our hands... yes?

8 eggs (3egg yolks + 5 egg whites)
1 tbs. water
1 tbs. coconut oil
1/2 avocado, ripe
2 tbs. parmesan cheese
1 jalapeno, diced
1 tsp. minced garlic
2 tsp. lemon juice
4 slices of bacon, baked
sea salt & black pepper to taste

Start by whisking together your eggs with your 1 tbs. water (feel free to substitute milk in here if you'd like). In a medium frying pan, add in coconut oil and eggs. Do not move them around, essentially you're making an "omelet" well sort of!
Next, in a small bowl whisk together diced avocado, jalapeno, garlic, lemon juice until combined well. Season with salt and pepper.
I enjoy baking my bacon (say that 3 times fast!) But basically cook the bacon in your desired way. If you're going to fry it, I do recommend using virgin coconut oil... it gives it a nice nutty flavor!
Chop up your bacon into small "bits". 
Once your egg has been cooked on both sides and is not in scrambled pieces place it on your plate and begin your pizza line assembly! Add in the "guac" for the sauce, bacon for pepperoni and fold over. Sprinkle with a little parmesan cheese (if using) and ~ENJOY!
Add any variations you like! Another fun one would be Marinara sauce (homemade of course), ham, pineapple slices? Or even a traditional meat lovers or vegetarian? Share your variations below!


  1. You've managed to take most of my favorite foods and combine them into a plate of deliciousness!

    1. Thanks Patty! Glad you enjoyed it! :)