Saturday, September 22, 2012

Project Instagram

Since I moved into my apartment i've been really trying some new decor ideas that i've been meaning to try for a while. I wanted to hang photos up in my room, but not in frames, not just taped up there, not in a specific shape etc. Those were things i've already done before and seen over done one too many times. 
Also, I am a HUGE fan of instagram! I love it! I know it's no sort of "professional" editing system but it's fun right! and it makes your photos look nice with cool filters. But what's the point in just putting up tons of instagram photos you can never do anything with? Well now there is a point to your instagramming madness. It's called Prinstagram a website that allows you to PRINT your instagram photos straight from your instagram account. Super super nifty I know. 
Look how sad my bed wall looked before... definitely time for DIY-ing!
So I visited my local target and Michaels and happened to find mini clothes pins in the dollar section! How exciting, I know! Then I also bought some twine from Michaels to use to string everything up!
I used ordinary push pins to secure the line to the wall- I am a college student remember that! I don't have any fancy money for nice nails and such but anything will work especially push pins! Tie a knot around the base of the pushpin as the above picture.
Wrap around a second time and slip the excess underneath your loops. Or add a dab of hot glue to make sure it is not going anywhere. 

This is what your pushpin should look like. Then hang it up on your wall and begin pinning your little instagram photos. The website gives you 48 photos for around $20 including shipping! 
Doesn't my wall look nice? All hung up, symmetrical, and beautiful!  For the sake of the people in my pictures I'm not taking any close ups. But the pictures are 2.5" by 2.5" squares! They sort of look like old fashioned polaroids but without having to fuse over a polaroid camera!

If you're thinking about it... GO DO IT NOW! 


mini clothes pins (or regular size if you can't find them)-$1 Target
Photos-$20 Prinstagram
Twine-$2.99 Michaels
4 Push Pins- $.38 each (haha)Target

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