Friday, August 3, 2012

Recipe Book

So it's not a shock to say that I loooooooove baking! Also, I love pinning yummy food on Pinterest daily (well sometimes more than 2x a day! haha). I definitely bookmark every single recipe on my computer, but who has time to look them up when you're in the baking mood! So I needed a solution...

After perusing through my fellow bloggers page, I came across the cutest one so far! KatieMarie has the cutest clothing, DIY, recipes and fun teacher stuff as well!  Check her blog out for the original version of this fabulous recipe book!

There were somethings in Katie's Recipe Book that I did not have. For example, a label maker (how awesome would that be!) Also, Katie using beautiful file folders as a nifty way to make dividers. But the only file folders I have are the Manila folders... ugly!!

So I had to improvise. Here it goes!

What you'll need:
1- 3 ring binder
Computer, Printer
Glue Stick
Black Card stock
6 sheets of pretty scrap booking paper
sheet protectors
3 ring hole punch

Start by typing up all your recipes and directions. I just used a template on Microsoft word to type them all up. I'm going to be totally honest, this was the longest part! I guess you could just print out the recipes the way they are written online. But most of my recipes, however, are on blogs! So it's a challenge to print those... so I resorted to taking that necessary time to type them all up all pretty!
Another hard part, remember when I said I only have ugly manila folders? well I didn't want those in this fabulous recipe book, so I traced the manila folder onto the pretty gold scrap booking paper I bought to "act" as a divider. Pretty crafty huh? -ha
But because I don't have a label maker and I wanted the same effect I went back to the computer to print stuff up!
Of course, you can make whatever categories you want but here are a sample of mine. Now off to cutting and gluing! 
Then I cut up all my recipes and glued them onto the card stock. Remember to glue them on paper in order to categories. If you're only doing "Desserts" then you can mix them up. But if you are separating your desserts like I did, you don't want to put a cookie recipe with a brownie recipe.  Put all the card stock recipes in sheet protectors and start to assemble!
All done! And I left some extra room for more recipes duh!

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