Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Flax-meal Toast

This sandwich is missing something huh? What is it? Is it meat? Deli meat? that yummy oven roasted turkey slices? eeewwwww. Not to discriminate against those meat lovers out there, but this is a vegetarian blog! so no, the meat is not the missing part of this picture... what's missing is CARBS. Well, carbs in form of bread. Obviously, everyone in their right mind knows how to make a sandwich, but... do you know how to make bread? If so, do you know how to do it without added carbohydrates in the form of refined grains i.e., white bread, made with white flour? Fine, lets say you know how to do all that... do you know how to make both slices in 2 minutes? BAM, gotcha!

1/4 c. flax meal, golden/slice
1/2 tsp. baking powder/slice
1 egg/slice
1/4 tsp. sea salt/ slice

Yields ~ 1 slice 
(make 2 recipes for 2 slices of bread.. AVOID doubling the recipe in efforts to cut your time, it's only 2 minutes!)

Directions: Spray  a microwavable dish, (more like a bowl, but not as deep as a soup bowl, but not flat like a plate!) with non-stick spray.

 Mix flax meal, baking powder together, and add egg and mix WELL. 

Spread evenly in bottom of the (SAME) bowl. Sprinkle top with sea salt and pop into microwave for 1 minute (might be up to 1 minute 30 sec, not any longer or it will be too dry). 
Bring out of microwave, run knife around bowl to loosen bread and dress with your favorite condiments and ~ENJOY!


Nutritional Facts:  185 cal/slice, 8.1g fiber, 1.4g Net Carbohydrates (WOAH!), 11.5g Protein
Nutritional Facts found by Calorie Counter


  1. This looks like it would make a great mini-pizza crust.

  2. Is there to cook this in a conventional oven? Or toaster oven?

  3. Is there to cook this in a conventional oven? Or toaster oven?

  4. Made this a bit ago. I made the recipe for one slice but microwaved it in a ramekin. I ended up with a puffy round the size of an English muffin, which I then cut in half and then cut each of the halves in half to create two English muffin-sized sandwiches' worth (if that makes sense). The taste is pretty neutral and the bread is really spongy. Made a couple of nice PB&J bites. Thanks for a speedy bread-fix recipe! :)

    1. Such a great idea... thank you! Glad you enjoyed it! I love them with a little sunflower seed butter in the mornings and a nice cup of coffee!