Friday, July 20, 2012

Family Photo Monogram

 So, my first DIY Summer Craft... Here it goes. I was looking around my parents house and noticed, we have no family monogram all! Then naturally, I went on Pinterest and found the coolest idea! I headed to my local Michaels and purchased a wooden letter for $.99, a bottle of acrylic paint and my ultimate favorite thing, mod podge. It was actually super easy and super fun!

 I painted the entire letter the back and front with black acrylic paint (remember to use gloves for this part or you will need a new manicure for sure!) 
While the paint was drying, I took this time to sit on my computer and rummage through old family photos. Photos from: old vacations, birthdays, holidays, graduations, ANYTHING! I put all these photos on a "powerpoint" slide on Microsoft Powerpoint and cropped and resized the photos into all different sizes. Some I made really small so they could fit in some of the overlay areas. I also made sure that all my pictures were in grayscale to fit with a black and white motif. Here comes the fun part: looking at old memories while cutting through all these photos.

My advice is this: lay out all the photos the way you want them on the letter FIRST before spreading a layer of mod podge. Then work section by section, remove 2-3 photos at a time and spread a thin layer of mod podge and then quickly put the photos on top. Continue until the entire letter is covered.

 Mod podge dries very very quickly so work fast! Now you can cover the letter with a thin layer of mod podge to add a sealant and a gloss to the letter!

 Here's the final product! Apart from the time it took to find all the photos, the entire project took less than 1 hour! That's my kind of project! :)

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